Name: Vladimir Dimitriov
Age: 21
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160lbs

Bio: Vladimir's life had been a good one, until he was 12 that is. At 12 his world came crashing down around him.

"Vladimir! Come here." His mother called to him. He had been out playing with the servants boy Alexander. "Uh, I gotta go in Alex. See you later?" Slowly he trudged inside his feet acting like lead weights. "Hurry up! Get in here!" she called again. "Coming Mother!" he shouted back. "Get in the car." She said to him as he got to the house.

Vladimir and his mother did not get along very well. This didnít bother Vladimir much, he just assumed that was how mothers and sons got along. His father however, was much different. Often taking him on trips back to the motherland for business and even big game hunting sometimes, those times were the best, other than the trips though he did not see his father much. Alexi Dimitriov was head of a multi-national corporation named Argon Industries. Alexi was so wealthy though that he hardly ever needed to be at the office, instead taking off on relic hunts for his personal collection. Once he had taken Vladimir behind the sealed vault door and shown him around. In the middle of the expansive room was the center piece. His father called it the "Nazurite Gem" and had said that it once contained a powerful demon lord, but that it had been broken. "Only two more pieces left to gather Vladdy. Then this will be a masterful centerpiece for our modest collection."

The car bumped along the country road. Vladimir had lost track of where they were heading, but they had been in the car for over an hour now. Slowly the car pulled to a stop under a canopy of trees. "Get out." Said his mother rather oddly. "Uh, Mother, where are we?" he asked looking around at the trees. "Just get out of the car Vladimir." She spat agrily. When he had emerged from the car, four men in robes appeared from behind the trees. "Have you brought it?" They said to his mother. "Yes, I have it right here." And she removed a green gem from her purse. "Mother, Is that the Nazurite Gem?" He gazed at the gem it looked, different, bigger. "Why yes it is Vladimir." His mother said sounding mildly amazed.

Before he knew it he felt sleep wash over him as one of the robed men waved his hand. When he awoke he was tied to a large stone table in the middle of the woods. One of the men approached with the gem and placed it on Vladimirís chest. More robed men appeared from the woods and formed a circle around him. And they began to chant.

The Nazurite Gem pulsed with green light and slowly it lifted into the sky above Vladimir. "Who has awakened me?" came a revolting voice. "I have." His mother spoke up. "Why!" the voice boomed again. "I wish to partake of your power. I have brought my son to feed you. Take him and regain your entry into this world. And in return all I ask is but a fraction of your power." Finally the gem split wide apart and Nazur was before them.

Nazurís gaze followed the femaleís pointing had to a young man strapped onto an altar. "She means to kill you." A voice inside Vladimir's head rang. "I can stop it but you must ask me. And I must take a part of you, but what you receive in return will be much greater. Do you want my help?" The horrified boy nodded vigorously. "Then say it. You have to speak it." The voice said in a soft manner. "Help me!" Vladimir screamed. With that Vladimir felt is eyes and tounge rip from his head. "I shall hold on to these for you. If you ever want them back all you have to do is ask. And now for my gift to you." Suddenly Vladimir's restraints fell off and he was picked up and taken into the gem.

Eight years later Vladimir appeared in the middle of Mercy Island. When he got home his mother disowned him and sent him away. "No son of mine will be a freak!" she screamed at him. Eventually he regained contact with his father who told him that because of what happened and his appearance he could no longer live at home, nor could he inherit the business, as Vladimir turned to leave his father said. "Vladdy, if you ever need anything, please call." With a wave of his hand Vladimir walked away his anxious to test his might against the entire world.