Name: Steel Sorrow
Age: 33
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 120lbs (Minus Arms)

Bio: Working as a lab-tech for Crey Industries seemed like the opportunity of a life time for Scott Peters. The one solution to all of life's problems, Money, thats what Scott needed and Lets just what Crey was giving him. and over the course of 3 years with aptitude and confidence Scott traversed the corporate ladder; Lab-tech, Research Assistant, Head Technician, and eventually he was given a project all his own.

Knowing just where the big budgets were Scott headed to the Weapons Development Department where he approached the Senior VP with the idea of marketing weapons to rival gangs. On the spot the VP, Marcus Helbrupt, took him under his wing and confided in him Crey had been doing just that for many years. Scott was transferred from Medical Technologies to Weapon Development where he was directly reporting to Helbrupt. From there on the money and prestige came flowing in like a river.
One night while taking a brisk walk to keep in shape Scott was jumped and drug down a nearby alley. At first he thought he was being mugged and prepared to hand over his wallet. But soon he realized that this was more than just a mugging. One of the large men dressed in a white apron, with some horrible unrecognizable stench said, "Lets get to work, and remember the cuts need to be clean." Then he produced a large type of saw and began working it back across Scott's shoulder. Before Scott could recognize the pain the world went black.

When he woke up he was in a hospital bed. He looked around and saw all sorts of tubes and hoses coming out of him, but the most horrifying sight was that his arms from the shoulder down on both sides were missing. Not even a nub existed, and what more his legs below the knee appeared to be missing as well. He began screaming and thrashing about wildly before a nurse came in and gave him an injection. Once again the world went black.

Waking this time he saw Marcus Helbrupt standing over him. "Son" he said, "We'll get the bastards that did this. But right now I need you to make a decision... Would you like your life back?" "Yes!" Scott whispered hoarsely, not giving it a moment of thought. This time he did not see the shot, but woke up all the same surrounded by several men all in suits. "Well, try to get up Mr. Peters." Scott looked at himself and saw 4 brand new robotic limbs protruding from where his previous flesh ones were. "What the Hell!" He yelled, "What did you do to me!" "Calm down." stated Helbrupt, "We gave you new, better, arms and legs!"

After that the numbness took over, Scott soon learned how to control his new limbs even better than the old ones. He began training with a sword at the insistence of his new benefactors, or was that malefactors, he was unsure. Once he was to a point the suits were comfortable with Scott started to get orders to do things, find a person, rough up a competitor, steal and plant false information. All the while the numbness allowing him to put aside his misgivings. Soon though he was even unable to enjoy the mountains of money that were thrust upon him with each completed mission.
One night his comm beeped in his on-site Crey provided quarters. The comm carried the inevitable mission... someone needed taken out. Scott sat just staring at the message. Could he do this? Would he? "No!" he shouted. He made up his mind to flee.

He was upon them before they could react his appliance appendages gave him quite an edge over the Crey Security Forces. With superhuman speed he worked towards the main gate fighting for freedom. Eventually the battle was over he made it over the gate, looking back he saw at least 2 dozen men moaning on the ground some bleeding, some with some hefty welts. All in all Scott was relatively unharmed a few bullets lodged in his limbs and one through his right thigh. He sighed, "A small price to pay for life."

Since he had already earned himself a reputation on the islands thats where he set out to. After hooking up with an old contact he was able to find plenty of minor thug jobs, thieving and whatnot. Of-course he had taken measures with his money, after all that was what he wanted most. There was no way he was going to let Crey "Secure" it for him. So he had it stashed in countless off-shore accounts and many many trusts and funds.

Months went by, Scott grew richer due to the different jobs he was able to pull down. But the numbness did not go away. He tried everything, booze, drugs, pain, nothing could break through. Until that is, he met Samantha. She was hanging out near Pocket D. Scott assumed she was just another junkie by her appearance, wet and unkempt, and was prepared to shove her off as she approached. As she got closer she held out a picture, "Have you seen my daughter?" she pleaded "No lady, leave me alone." he shot back. "I have to find her! She was taken 5 days ago! Please help me!" with that expenditure of energy she collapsed. For a brief moment he considered letting her drop, but before he knew what he was doing she was in his cold steel arms. He gazed down at her and saw that she was no more. Her body had given out on her and she died right there in his hands. Slowly the numbness began to fade and a deep pain filled his being to the core. Dropping to his knees he let out a great wail. "Why?! What am I doing?!" Slowly memories came flooding back how many daughter and sons had he kidnapped and taken to who knows where. He always prided himself on never killing but that wasn't true. This woman was proof of that.

He took the picture the woman held and slid it into his pocket. Then lifting the woman over his shoulder he proceeded into Pocket D to find someone to turn her over to. He found a Paragon City Detective who asked him to come down to the station with him. As soon as he had given his information and statement to a detective and insisting that he pay for all the arrangements when the time came. He began to confess to the Detective as many crimes as he could remember. He was left in a holding cell overnight, where he got the best night of sleep in years.

Now Scott lives under an assumed name, not because he has to, but because he wants to. He patrols the streets of Paragon City as the Hero Steel Sorrow and he still carries a picture in his pocket.