Name: Crestfallen
Age: 204
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 157lbs

Bio: In the year 1803 Edgar and Victoria Edinbloom were with child. On the eve of birth Victoria had fallen ill and was brought to the cathedral to be blessed and cared for. After 10 torturous hours of labor a child was born. This child's skin was a very grey shade of blue, and he sported horns from the sides of his head. Immediately the priest saw the malformed child and carried him away. Victoria fought the unknown illness for days, continually asking for her child. On the fourth day she succumbed and passed. The priest was torn between ending the life or, letting the child live. Being upright he could not bring himself to destroy the young one. Instead he was cared for by the nuns, kept in a secured room. As he grew the priest would often have long sessions with the demon, starting off by beating him, telling him to remember his pain before inflicting any on others. They would then pour over teachings and lessons. The boy harbored no ill will towards the priest, for this was the way of the world.

One fateful day another being took interest in him, passing through the wall of his room as if it were not there. "Why do you allow yourself to be imprisoned in this place? Why do you not simply tear the door from itsí hinges and leave?" The frightened boy had no words to answer and simply stared in awe. The being sighed, "Well, I do suppose it's time you learned." In an instant the boy's world was flung aside, his reality shattered by the true reality, as it often does. The being had opened his eyes to his demonic heritage and opened the floodgates of inherit knowledge the lie there. Then the being left, the boy was convulsing on the ground when the priest found him.

And so for the next several years the boy was restrained, chained to the wall, the priestís sessions had not ended, but now only consisted of a savage beating. Scars upon scars appeared on the boys back. This went on for 12 years. The boy had reached his 22nd birthday when another fateful event took place. A young woman who had been sneaking the boy food most of which he threw back in her face, was hauled out into the town square and claimed to be a witch. With an enormous anger raging inside him the boy listened as she was tied to the pole and the kindling was lit.

With a great roar he tore his chains from the stone. He proceeded to tear the door off its hinges and ran to the aid of the girl. Bursting from the cathedral doors he leapt upon the flames, roaring in pain he tore the girl away from her restraints and leapt to a near rooftop. he cradled her in his arms and heard her cough. When he looked down he saw a smile cross her lips and she said "Don't be so crestfallen." before her eyes went dark. He gently laid her down, feeling the only now the burning of his skin. He briefly considered going back and tearing the priest in half, but his overwhelming sense of freedom took over and he made his way out of town.

As the years passed he encountered much of the same pain that he had endured on that night. His views of the world grew dim. He wanted out, but he did not want to just fall. He wanted to fall protecting someone. He wanted to prove to the world that hate and pain were not the only things left. He began prowling the streets at night, searching for crime.

His talents in the use of darkness grew and soon he was a force to be reckoned with, the dark power, coupled with his natural talent for mind reading made him quite proficient in dealing out judgment to his enemies.

Time went on, and the world changed. It grew only more callous towards the suffering of others, technology replacing labor, honest men driven to steal to feed their families. He began to take his goal much more seriously, often hurtling in to a fray when vastly outnumbered.

In the present his views have vastly changed. Since meeting a Feral named Amber Wylde, affectionately "Kitty", he has found that living is very important. With his love, his reason for living, by his side he continues to strive to show the world more than pain and suffering, through life.