:(Soufflez-l'hors de votre oreille):

"(Figure it out for your self)"

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Grow a pair.

I feel so lost and alone.
I wonder if i have messed things up beyond repair.
Thought i had things under control.
was only fooling myself.
And then i let her go.
Because my feelings got hurt.
I should have stopped to think, that maybe it's not just about me.
Did i once put myself in her shoes?
Try to realize how hard this was for her?
I am self-centered, wrapped in some sort of stale kindness, trying to keep the secret
In her i had the perfect friend.
and i threw it away.
I could always go back
and try to talk to her.
But i'm sure she's moved on
I don't want her to deal with that.
I speak of course of the one that i lost, the one that i love.
Poor little me, Woe is me,
Just shut the hell up and get back to work,


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