:(Soufflez-l'hors de votre oreille):

"(Figure it out for your self)"

Saturday, September 29, 2007


My love for you has bounds unknown
Whatever you face, it will not be alone.
In this ever changing world I will be steadfast
I will comfort and hold you as the ages flow past.
You are my life my love the reason I am.
I will love you forever, whatever the span.
I vow this on my eternal soul.

Finality... the end of all.
i rush to meet it's welcoming arms
i pour my soul, to no good use.
i leave to chance those things i love.
So that my shell might not be breached.

i kick and scream, and try not to be,
the person that i know i am.
Buried deep within my core,
are many things i do ignore.
Most of which are violent truths.

Why can't i face this person i am.
Why can't i seek the things i love.
Fear has gripped me and keeps me at bay.
It teases and mocks and makes me pay.
Dearly i pay as i watch each and every one,
slip through my hands. I can't hold on.

In describable, this desire.
the pain and suffering make it higher.
i writhe and moan and make it worse,
and wonder why i have bourne this curse.

my soul is alight with burning flame.
It sings a song, so full of pain.
the pain of loss, i feel her gone.
Do i enjoy this pain i feel?

my heart is miles away,
and yet, so close.
when it hurts the most, i feel alive.
where do i go from here.
life is a cycle, once again,
the wheel returns to zero.
Will the next spin be my lucky one?


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