:(Soufflez-l'hors de votre oreille):

"(Figure it out for your self)"

Friday, July 13, 2007


i shy away from love's bright flame.
Sensing only fear and pain.
i find my self so introspective.
Like a fifties book detective.

How can i focus on life at hand,
when i see only you with all that i am.
i do not understand lifes cruel turns,
only how much those turns can burn.

Do i persevere and find love to tame?
or crawl in a hole and find someone to blame.
my eyes shift out.
my brain turns to fuzz.
my thoughts turn to doubt.
my soul flies away as a dove.

A shell.
A broken toy.
A discarded clock.
All these things had some use some time.
But now they sit, lacking luster and shine.

i must decide before the time is up.
it may come soon, it may end abrupt.


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